Propelling Innovation

Robust and Modular Underwater
Propulsion Solutions

Pioneering Advanced Propulsion Systems for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles


At Armada Marine Robotics, our mission is to redefine the capabilities of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) by integrating advanced asymmetric propulsion technology. Our innovative propulsion system allows a single vehicle to perform both large-area surveys and close-up inspections within the same deployment. This groundbreaking technology will revolutionize marine exploration and unlock new possibilities in the field of underwater robotics.

Our cutting-edge asymmetric propulsion system is designed to provide both thrust and steering from a single motor, improving low-speed maneuverability while eliminating the need for additional fins and motors. Developed in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), our technology leverages the benefits of asymmetric propulsion to reduce size, weight, drag, and complexity, resulting in a more robust, efficient, and capable system.


Armada Marine Robotics is proud to be affiliated with prestigious organizations in the marine science and technology sectors. Our strong collaborations with institutions such as Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, National Science Foundation, and Raytheon Technologies play a vital role in our research and development. Additionally, we are active members of the Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium and Marine Ocean Technology Network, where we share knowledge, resources, and expertise to further advance the field of marine robotics and support the growth of the blue economy.

About Us

At Armada Marine Robotics, innovation meets underwater exploration. As a trailblazer in the marine robotics industry, we focus on developing and implementing asymmetric propulsion technology to create unparalleled solutions for unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Our team of dedicated engineers, scientists, and marine experts collaborate to enhance the capabilities of UUVs. By partnering with leading institutions and leveraging cutting-edge research, we aim to revolutionize the way we explore, understand, and interact with our oceans.